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Every piece is designed to fit into your existing wardrobe. It'll live there for years and you'll reach for it without thinking because it will never go out of style.


    Fun to sew

    Minimalist vibes

    Wearable all year

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    Beginner friendly

    Flattering box shape

    Your everyday go-to

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    Easy project

    Drop crotch comfort

    Ultra modern look

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Easy to make, better for the world, and loads of fun!

- Fully illustrated instructions
- Sturdy reusable foil pouch
- Proudly wear your own

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Better patterns are made here

We're over the struggle of tissue patterns ripping, paper envelopes breaking, and daggy design options. At Crafted Matter, we exist to break the mold.

  • 🧵 Easy sewing

    Busy with adult life? Our patterns are made with makers of all kinds in mind, especially beginners. We take extra time (so we don't waste yours) crafting instructions that read clear and concise. Each step is fully illustrated with professional graphics so you feel at ease and comfortable when you're making.

  • ✨ Super satisfying

    To us, clothes should make you feel ultra modern and super unique. We pay attention to every detail so that you end up with something that looks "high end", not "handmade" (although, we love that too). Now you have full control over the look and feel. Get exactly what you want 100% of the time.

  • 🌎 Better for the world

    Making your own clothes can cost less. Spending money on materials can cost more than a finished garment -if it wasn't made ethically. When you choose to make your own clothes, you choose to make sure that no one was harmed in the process.

  • ♻️ Recycled materials

    All Crafted Matter paper collateral is always printed on recycled material when the option is available to us. We do this for the benefit of everyone. Wear what you want, dress how you like, and never compromise your ethics.

For your next sewing project

Here's a little curated creative inspo from the Crafted Matter team.


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    A quick and easy how-to guide so you can get our signature 'peace sign' embroidered on your clothes. Template included.

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    Listen to this playlist when you're in the mood for slow, artsy, innovative music to help you get your creativity flowing.

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    Whether you're a sewing veteran or a complete new-comer, we've assembled a list of 5 tips that a lot of people still sometimes miss out on. 

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Nice things people have been saying

  • "I made a toile and it is 👌👌👌 I can't wait to make more"


    Sheralynn, Knitter & sewist extraordinaire

  • "As an advanced sewist I still found these patterns engaging and fun to create. Can't wait for the next one!"


    Tessa, Super-sewing-mommy

  • "It's so difficult finding patterns like these. I'm going to make something I'll be proud to wear."


    Hugh, Sewing veteran


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