How-To Chain Stitch "Peace Sign" Hand Embroidery

How-To Chain Stitch "Peace Sign" Hand Embroidery

The Peace Sign

The peace sign or victory sign often associated with Asian cultures is a gesture typically the equivalent of saying “cheese“ when posing for a photo. The origin of the sign and how it became deeply embedded in pop-culture and the kawaii-aesthetic are hotly debated. For us at Crafted Matter, it means open-mindedness, inclusiveness, and goodwill. We hope you wear this symbol with pride and continue to always be kind.

Chain Stitch 

Save the JPG's in this blog post and print them on A4 paper.

  1. Cut your floss the length of your forearm. Thread your floss through the needle’s eye and knot the opposite end.
  2. Pull your threaded needle through the wrong side of your fabric, then re-insert your needle beside the same hole you started from. DO NOT pull your floss all the way through. Leave just enough to create a small loop.
  3. Insert your needle from the wrong side of your fabric (3/8”) 1cm away from your first couple of stitches. Pull the loop tight over your needle, then pull your needle completely through to create your first chain stitch.
  4. Re-insert your needle at the top of the chain stitch and draw the needle up (3/8”) 1cm away. Pull your needle through to create a consecutive chain stitch. Repeat this process until you are done.
  5. Simply stitch a small bar tack at the top of your last loop to finish the chain.

How To Crafted Matter Chain Stitch Peace Sign EmbroideryHow To Crafted Matter Chain Stitch Peace Sign Embroidery