Crafted Matter Sewing Patterns

Crafted Matter's founder and creative director Yavi attained degrees in both Fashion and Textiles. During his time at the prestigious RMIT university in Melbourne, he started developing a product that would innovate the way home sewers approached DIY fashion. It focused on printing sewing patterns and textile designs directly on sustainable fabrics. It streamlined the process of cut and sew to arrive at a finished garment sooner and with much less work from the sewer. 

The idea was so innovative that, in 2018, Yavi was invited to participate in the Foundry 658 Accelerator program for creative industries. Unfortunately, in the process, Yavi and his team pivoted their way into a product they honestly felt they no longer loved. So the "Crafted Matter" project was abandoned. 

In the aftermath, Yavi went back to the one thing he loved the most. Making clothes for other people. He refocused his energy into a line of designer androgynous menswear. And just as things were starting to look up for Yavi, the COVID19 pandemic hit and he had to shut down his studio. But this still wasn't enough for him to throw in the towel. 

Yavi was highly inspired by the deconstructed and loose forms of Japanese designers. From Rei Kawakubo's conceptualisation to Yohji Yamamoto's effortless style. He realised that this type of fashion was unavailable or hard to reach for most folk. But if he could create sewing patterns that achieved this style, perhaps he could convince more people that DIY fashion is not something of a bygone era.

This is the Crafted Matter before you today.

Yavi was born in the Philippines and migrated to Australia in 2014. He married his long-time partner whom he met at fashion school and they are happily settled in their Melbourne apartment with their temperamental black cat, Ludovic.