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Crafted Matter

Unisex Boxy T-Shirt Dress

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Who is this sewing pattern intended for?

When creating this pattern, I really tapped into the mindset of myself pre-fashion school. Before all the sewing classes, the degrees, the custom orders, the hundred designs later. This pattern was made by me, for the old me. The one that knew absolutely nothing about sewing. So yes, it is very, very beginner-friendly. 

What kind of fabric should I use?

I highly recommend a cotton jersey in the colour black. Cotton jersey, for those of you who don’t know, is a very common stretch fabric used in everyday clothes like t-shirts. The reason we recommend it is because it doesn’t fray. We’re going to use this to our advantage and leave our hems, cuffs, and neckline unfinished. Now you only have to worry about the really basic stuff. It also drapes nicely over the body, even if the stitching isn’t so great. It basically makes mistakes less obvious. 

Can I use woven, non-stretchy fabric?

it’s worth noting that you can use this pattern for woven fabrics as well. You would just need to finish all cuffs, hems, and other raw edges of fabric. We recommend a simple rolled hem and overlocking where appropriate. This might be a tier above absolute beginner but is still a very simple sewing project. All hems and cuffs have a 4cm allowance. The neckline can be finished with a simple facing piece to be  drafted yourself.

Makes: 1 dress

  • 150cm wide light to mid weight (150-250gsm) Cotton jersey - 2.5 meters
  • 200m 100% cotton thread - 1 spool
  • Fusible stabilizer - ½ meter

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